Change of name of R&B Afro Singer to Blacktan

Change of name of R&B Afro Singer Richyblazz to Blacktan Caz Now a Rapper

Now known as Blacktan Caz, due to the fact that he was accused of being a cultist that he was answering the name blazz.

according to the story he gave to Press Yesterday, that even on the stage after performing some guys will come to him to join them and leave his cult group

but he normally confronted them telling them, he is not a cultist but a musical artist, due to the persistence of these hoodlums, he decided to change his name from Richyblazz to Blacktan Caz.

According to him the most annoying part of his story was, He as being an Underground Artist for  a year and plus since 2017 he finally got his firm

at the year 2018 December breaking to 2019, while performing in a Hall in Anambra, when he was bitterly confronted by some boys over there, so he came to a conclusion not to be disturbed anymore due to the fact that he knows he is coming to a great celebrity with his Vibez.

he said his best 4 most moderated musical artist that gave him the reason to change his name to Blacktan Caz.

1. Zlatan Abile

2. Wikzid

3. Slimcase

4. Dremo, these are his favorite musical artist.

He is Singed into the label of Blacktrybe Gang, and he is the Cheif Executive officer of the Label.

He thanks all his label mate that have contributed to his growth.

Officially he is a Professional Blogger, Graphic Designer, and Online Entertainment Content builder, and the Bloggers association have taken it upon their

self to announce to the notice of the public to whom it may concern, this day dated 5 April 2019, Richyblazz is now known as Blacktan Caz.

Bennett Richard is a native of Sangana Community in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

A computer Scientist.

Born into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Comfort Bennett all hails from Bayelsa / Rivers State.

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